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Cloudscratcher is the story of a group of freedom fighters in their struggles against the Margoth Empire. Squaring off in a world high above the clouds, where people build their civilizations atop craggy mountains and lifeless plateaus, the crew of the Cloudscratcher--a motley crew of various heroes of great skill, all united by lives torn apart by the Empire's machinations--fight the seemingly endless fight for the future. It won't be an easy fight, however, as the Margoth Empire boasts superior numbers, advanced technology, and leaders that are as skilled as they are ruthless. And making matters worse, a terrifying new Emperor has taken control, and under his rule, the Empire has grown even stronger, and their goal of complete global domination seems to creep ever-closer...

Their struggles will take the Cloudscratcher crew all over the world, to places beyond the imagination! From towering mountaintop metropolises, to ancient ruins, to the dens of sky pirates, and even the harsh world below the clouds...! The deck may be stacked against them, but with their combined skills, a little luck, and a surprise ace in the hole, this small group of rebels may very well turn the tide in the world's favor! Of course, the crew's problems go beyond just the Empire; sky pirates, crime syndicates, mercenaries, thieves, you name it! No one said being the good guys was easy...!

So strap yourself in and get ready for a sky-high adventure aboard the Cloudscratcher!


When does the comic update?

A batch of new pages goes up every Sunday!

Who's the person behind the comic?

Mostly me; Cody Baier. Creator, writer, artist. Of course, I couldn't do it alone: from the beginning of Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 Page 17, the pages were colored by Sam Cosentino. Now I handle all coloring duties as well. Also, the website is built and maintained by Kevin Markey. Oh, and the website graphics are courtesy of the fine folks at SRFN Productions!

What was the inspiration for this comic?

Cloudscratcher was primarily inspired by the animated movies and TV shows of the 1990's, as well as the Crimson Skies game series. The overall style and feel of the comic is a love-letter to 90's animation, particularly Disney's animated TV shows, and the early animated films of Don Bluth. Also, I have a thing for high-flying dieselpunk settings...

How is the comic made?

Each page is hand-drawn by myself on comic art board, scanned, digitally inked, and colored in Photoshop, and lettered in Illustrator. Not as exciting a process as you'd think...

So when're we gonna see some blood and cussin'!?

The content of the comic is staying in the realm of the aforementioned animated programs. Language stays G-rated, blood gets shed only when necessary, and any harsh content will be kept to a minimum.

Is this a furry comic?

No. Neither I, nor anyone associated with the comic have anything to do with the furry fandom. The anthropomorphic aesthetic is a stylistic choice, and nothing more.

Hey, that chapter cover looks familiar...!

With the exception of Chapter 1 (and possibly the occasional odd chapter here and there in the future), all the chapter cover pages are based on album covers. I'm a hardcore music enthusiast, so that's admittedly me pandering to myself, but I figure the folks reading the comic would get a kick out of it as well. See if you can identify which albums they're referencing! Since some lesser-known, and even underground albums will show up as chapter cover shout-outs, I'll be pleasantly surprised if there's anyone who can consistently identify all of them!

Daniel Hillstead